Big Day of Service Project Ideas 

We have brainstormed a list of possible projects we could tackle for Big Day of Service. We're relying on you, our neighbors, to come up with ideas of how we can improve our community. 

  • Service Projects for Organizations

  • > School clean up & special projects
  • > Public landscape beautification (e.g., parks, roadside, river trails, old town Fair Oaks, etc.)
  • > Garden work (e.g., build a new community garden at the Orangevale Grange)
  • > Car wash for charity
  • > Blood drives
  • > Library drives/projects
  • > Disc golf course improvements

  • Service Projects for Individuals/Families/Groups

  • > Emergency preparedness projects - check/install fire alarms (Red Cross)
  • > Free oil changes
  • > Visit/Game Day at a senior home
  • > Sewing projects (blankets for foster kids, bibs for people with disabilities, etc.)
  • > Create encouragement notes to mail to neighbors or distribute with food at the Orangevale Food Bank
  • > Make care packages/cards for deployed miltary and veterans
  • > Trash walk: create a team, choose a neighborhod, and go on a walk to pick up trash
  • > Room makeovers for kids with terminal illness (Sweet Dreams) 
  • Donation Drives/Collection Projects*

> Food drive (Orangevale Food Bank)
> Clothing drives
> Homeless kits (toiletries, snacks, etc.)
* Collect in advance or on event day
  • Community/County-Oriented Projects 

  • > Partner with Sacramento County to repaint fire hydrants
  • > Build new boundary signs for Orangevale


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