Event Core Team 

We're looking for leaders! We're looking for people with a deep desire to make a difference locally, and those who are able to own a piece of the planning process end-to-end.

The next planning team meetings will be January 9 (2-4pm), February 6 (2-4pm), March 6 (2-4pm), April 3 (2-4pm), and April 24 (2-4pm). Feel free to join us any time. Email info@bigdayofservice.com for more information and meeting locations.

Above photo from December 5th planning team meeting.

Teams & Roles 

Event Leader

  • Provide event organizational structure and build team

  • Network with local leaders to develop support

  • Set overall direction and lead event to a success


  • Maintain accurate accounting records of donations received
  • Manage reimbursement process for Project Coordinators

Marketing & Communications Team

  • Create event branding – via print and web
  • Develop communication and promotion plan
  • Oversee promotion and social media
  • Assist with pre- and post-event storytelling via photos and video

Church Relations

  • Actively connect with local church leaders and congregations
  • Engage churches as sponsors and volunteer teams
  • Goal to have 4-5 larger churches deeply involved, and many other smaller congregations

Business Team

  • Engage businesses as sponsors and volunteer teams
  • Overall goal is 25 business sponsors (one per project)
  • Identify creative ways for businesses to support (in kind, promotion, etc)
  • With 3-4 people on this team, each person would need to secure 8-10 business sponsors

Project Manager

  • Oversee 8-10 Project Leaders, each having one project they are responsible for
  • Ensure that project is organized, scope accurately determined
  • Ensure good communication before and after each project
  • Assist with gathering projects and recruiting Project Leaders
  • Assist Project Leaders with coordinating supplies

Project Leader 
(one per project)

  • Responsible for the success of a single Big Day of Service project
  • Meet with community partner to confirm scope
  • Plan and pre-order any materials needed for project
  • Assist with recruiting volunteers for project
  • Communicate with project volunteers before, during after event

Project Identification

Research areas of need within the community
Identify potential project ideas and submit through website

Kick-off Rally Event Team

  • Kick-off/rally event before the Big Day of Service begins


If you're interested in joining us in planning Big Day of Service, the best way to reach us is through the Contact page. We'd be glad to share more about the teams and how you can get involved. 

Where We Need Help

  • > Identifying new projects 
  • > Project Coordinators 
  • > Marketing & Promotion 
  • > Website and Tech Admin 
  • > Social Media Support 
  • > Business Team / Sponsorships 

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