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  • Project #05 - Divine Savior Giving Garden Gazebo & Fence Repair

Project #05 - Divine Savior Giving Garden Gazebo & Fence Repair

Date & Time:

Saturday, May 16, 2020
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM


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Project: Refurbish existing wood gazebo. The gazebo is part of the Divine Savior Giving Garden. The garden produces bushels of produce used to prepare the weekly Thursday night community meal. The gazebo needs improvements to allow for a place for the gardeners to rest and get shade. The gazebo will also be used for children's activities and hopefully provide for a place for prayer and reflection for the church community. See other proposal submitted for the Divine Savior Giving Garden mission statement and purpose. The project consists of replacing some damaged/weathered wood (top rails, uprights and floor planks). The plan is also to incorporate a continuous bench around the periphery of the interior. At this time there is no template or blue print. At least one volunteer will need to possess the skills of woodworking and design in order to provide direction to the other volunteers. It is estimated that three (3) skilled people will be needed to complete this project. Sr. High Friendly if volunteer possesses wood working skills. Repairs to the existing fence will also be done.

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